IM ACADEMY: We educate you to help you grow and be successful in a rapidly changing environment.

IM AcademyIn an industry where today's novelties are outdated tomorrow, up-to-date, in-depth expertise for professional work and first-class advice is of the utmost importance. We at Ingram Micro see it as one of our key responsibilities to offer a versatile training program to help you grow and be successful in this rapidly changing environment.


IM Academy, the Ingram Micro learning platform, combines the expertise of our in-house certified trainers with the knowledge and insights of the vendors we work closely with.


IM Academy is not only there to improve your skills and knowledge to successfully sell more and inspire customers, you also profit from the good feeling of being up-to-date about all relevant industry innovations.


We host a series of both events and trainings at various locations and online trainings.


The IM Academy calendar, including all topics and data is accessible through:




Increase your chances to win an Ingram Micro cheque of 15,000 €, 10.000 € or 5,000 €
within the
Achieve New Heights Incentive Campaign . Presence on one of the “Achieve New Heights” labeled trainings
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