Discover Free Docking Trial Program

Do you have an opportunity of at least 20 docking stations? You can then apply to    

Free Docking Station Trial Program


How to order?


ICON-1-2.png      Choose the best docking station according to the needs of your customers.


ICON-2.png      Collect the details of your commercial opportunity


ICON-3.png      Contact your account manager to order



A free and simple program!


The opportunity transforms into a deal? Your client can keep the docking station for free.
An order of a minimum of 20 units of the same SKU must be placed within 30 days. The trial is free.
The opportunity did not convert into a deal? It will be necessary to send the docking back.
A shipping label will be provided.



Discover why you should choose a docking station




Available docking stations:










Interested? Please fill the following and we will contact you:




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