V7 Cleanium. The professional sanitizer dispenser!

Dear partner,


V7 Cleanium is a Professional Solution for hand sanitizing, for indoor and outdoor, public and private places. The Cleanium line of products are made from durable materials and have a simple refilling process.



    AUTOMATED AND CONTACTLESS DISPENSING: All Cleanium appliances are equipped with an automated system that allows hand hygiene without any direct contact with the appliance


    DEDICATED HIGH-PERFORMANCE MICRO CONTROLLER: High-performance chip enables optimization of the quantity of liquid dispensed based, on the type of liquid, an exclusive feature of V7 Cleanium


    NATIVE CONNECTION KIT (to be activated) to check remotely: Overall status of the machine, quantity dispensed, remaining sanitizer level and more



    AUTOMATED REFILL: The integrated refill system is designed to save waste, avoid spills and reduces management costs.


    INTEGRATED OLED DISPLAY: OLED display allows you to monitor consumption at each delivery.


    AVAILABLE in several configurations, free standing or wall mounted, for indoor or outdoor applications, with many different features.


The V7  Cleanium solutions also have the possibility to come with a fully customized marketing panel. Contact your inside sales to learn more about the possibilities!

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