Welcome to the summer school! Azure summer journey!

Ingram Micro is taking you on Azure summer journey!

During this summer Ingram Micro is inviting you to take 5 different trainings related to Azure and which will help you to answer with:


  • design of the new environment
  • ability to submit a monthly estimated price calculation
  • estimate which Azure Instances you will need
  • checking whether a Remote Desktop solution is necessary
  • a migration from On Premise to the Cloud
  • the ability to propose a good Backup and Recovery solution


During the summer months we offer you five trainings in 3 different levels, which will enable you to stick to the above-mentioned Cloud solutions.


Azure-level100.png1) During the Azure Essentials training, we start with small services that can easily be brought to the Cloud. We will teach you how to set up greenfield installation, and which services you can offer. We will learn to make these servers available from the outside world and how you can secure these resources. Once this design has been done, we also make a calculation of the monthly cost of this solution. Learn to set up a Cloud Backup or a Cloud File Server or a Cloud File Server Synchronization with Hands-On lab. Determine the price what this the monthly cost would be. If the customer sees Azure as his Disaster Recovery solution, we will design an Azure Site Recovery (ASR) solution and calculate the price.



Azure-level200.png2) During our DataCenter Migration Training we will examine how we can partially or fully move an existing 'On Premise' installation to the Cloud. By running a HealthCheck on the current 'On Premises' installation, we are going to try to find out which resources we will need to build an equivalent installation in Azure. We analyze the current network, the used disk capacity and the current CPU values, to be able to build a correct configuration in Azure. Tools such as BitTitan are proposed to help you with this task. During this Training we will explain what you can do with the current On Premise Domain Controller. During this training we will also compare Azure AD Connect, Azure Active Directory, and Azure Active Directory Domain Services.


Azure-level300-03.png3) Migrate and Secure your data in Azure with Veritas

i.              Cloud Migration with CloudMobility/VRP: More and more organizations are moving production workloads to the cloud. CloudMobility helps organizations migrate their workloads and associated data with full automation to Azure, and even offers pre-migration testing to validate that these workloads will perform effectively in the cloud. During this Training, we will Present Veritas Cloud Migration with CloudMobility/VRP


ii.             Modernizing Data Protection with Flex Appliance, NetBackup, and Information Map: Using the Flex Appliance, organizations can consolidate NetBackup domains and back up data to Azure instead of legacy tape. They gain the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence in Azure and have a quicker and more reliable recovery posture versus retrieving data from off-premise tape locations. Customers can also gain holistic visibility into data on-premise and in Azure with Information Map to ensure cloud storage costs are always optimized.


iii.            Cloud Disaster Recovery with Veritas Resiliency Platform: Many organizations are looking to adopt cloud as their disaster recovery target. Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) helps ensure predictable and proactive resiliency for applications to and from Azure. It includes fully-automated rehearsals, a built-in data mover, and resiliency for complex, multi-tier applications. In addition, VRP's IO Tap feature eliminates time-intensive, cross-platform data conversions.


iv.           In-cloud Data Protection with CloudPoint: For cloud-native workloads, CloudPoint offers a lightweight snapshot orchestration and management solution. CloudPoint automates and orchestrates snapshot schedules, policy creation, and cataloging to help eliminate tedious manual operations, and organizations can also query and identify files with sensitive PII data. Organizations get peace of mind knowing that backups are consistent, compliant, and on-hand for quick recovery.


Azure-level300-02.png4) Workplace Solutions: Awingu on Azure


If we move servers or services to Azure, we may also want to offer the users a desktop within Azure. During this training we see how you can easily offer Remote Desktop Services in a secured way. Awingu on Azure can be a useful Add-On. We set up this environment during this training and calculate the cost for this solution. Sharing documents in a secured way will also be part of this solution. If Two Factor Authentication is necessary for the customer, we can also offer this without any additional costs.


Azure-level300-01.png5) Building a Site-to-Site VPN with an Cisco ASA and Microsoft Azure


While moving some IT resources to Microsoft Azure, your customer might decide to leave some servers On Premises.  A secured Site-to-Site VPN might be needed in your configuration.


In partnership with device vendors like Cisco, Microsoft validated some VPN devices for this solution. During this Training, we will show you how to setup a VPN Gateway by using a Cisco ASA device.


After this course, you:


  • know the advantages of the VPN Gateway solution in combination with Cisco
  • learn how to make a correct Offer for your customer
  • know the price per month
  • will learn how to configure this setup in the Cisco device and Azure Portal


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25 July 2018 @ 09:00h - 28 August 2018 @ 13:00h

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