Grow your business with our exclusive SMB Launching Pad Club!

In this economic climate, growing your business isn’t easy. Banks are getting ever more reluctant to lend money to businesses, especially small and medium businesses. How can you grow your business while looking after your cash flow? Join our SMB Launching Pad Club and unlock new business opportunities!


This new credit builder program by Ingram Micro is designed to support businesses like yours by stimulating growth through extended credit lines. Starting at € 5.000 you can build to € 100.000 credit in only 10 months.



Don’t aim for the sky, go beyond your limit!

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How does it work?

Buy sufficiently, pay on time* and you will receive a new credit limit to take off to your next destination. If you don’t meet the conditions, you stay put in your credit limit and will get a new chance and continue your journey upward.


Of course we will help you reach the terms and conditions, by giving you special and exclusive promo pricing on your favourite vendors. This is only for SMB Launching Pad Club members and only for purchases at Ingram Micro.


Members will receive a dedicated sales and credit contact, and priority on ERMA’s. And you will receive a welcome pack to prepare you for your journey.


The conditions to take advantage of this offer:

  • Financial check
  • Payments need to be made by direct debit*



Ready to be launched to your first destination? Fuel level: € 5.000 credit, payment in 15 days.

Get your space suit on & register here!

You will be contacted after the credit check




Terms and conditions

  • Financial check
  • Pay on time (Through Direct Debit)
  • 50% Monthly utilisation of his agreed terms.
  • Customer will be rejected from the program if he has too many overdue invoices!
  • Direct debit only for Belgian customers

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