Ingram Micro i-Grow: Donate to Charity

You don’t need to spend IM+ points on gifts, you can also help the charity of your choice!

If you don’t know which one to choose, check out


You would not only help a good cause, it is also interesting for your company’s finances. Did you know that you can deduct 60% of your gifts over €40 from your taxes? More info


How does it work?

  • You ‘order’ this ‘donate to charity’ product with your IM+ points,
  • We will contact you with the amount you can donate (which will be the max. amount we will refund),
  • Your company donates the amount in its name to the charity of your choice (which is necessary to be able to get the tax refund),
  • You provide us with the certificate or proof of your donation, and with an invoices directed to Ingram Micro, by return mail,
  • Ingram Micro will refund the amount you were allowed to donate by paying the invoice you have send us.

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