Cisco XCHANGE Program: Get Deeper Discounts on Cisco Product Deals

Take advantage of our new, exclusive XChange program to enable your core refresh opportunity for Cisco network, mobility and security upgrades $5-25k. You’ll get:

Xtra.jpg    DISCOUNTS
Upgrade your customers to the latest products in a simple way. Discounts higher than your usual fast track promotions.
 xtra.jpg    REVENUE
Attach services increasing deal size, for Xtra opportunities
Xtra.jpg    SIMPLE
Instant pricing, no physical return of the product or Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) deal registration required.

Use the XChange program to target your small and midsize customers and prospects with product migrations. The attractive discounts will make it worth your while!

Our years of experience have helped us to become market leaders for product migration programs, giving you access to our Xtra competitive discounts.

Help customers see the benefits of upgrading or moving to Cisco equipment. We’re here to support your marketing approach. Get started, access our XChange tool with your Cisco CCO ID. Click here to download the how-to guide

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