Veritas Announcing the new Backup Exec 20.3: Now available!

Backup Exec (BE) continues to be the premier data protection solution for small and mid-sized organizations by ensuring business continuity is fast, easy-to-use and now has enhancements to help protect companies with GDPR regulations.  Backup Exec streamlines data protection and visibility across Virtual, Physical and Multi-Cloud environments.  One Backup, For All Your Data!


In this new release, we announce GDPR Guard that allows the capabilities to block access to certain backed up items that should no longer be viewed or restored.  We are also introducing support for Windows Server 2019.  Although Microsoft has temporarily paused the distribution of Windows Server 2019, BE will be certified with the next release as soon as it’s available.


New Capabilities in BE 20.3:

  • GDPR Guard - Backup Exec users can now block access to certain backed up items for privacy and compliance requirements of an organization. With GDPR Guard, users can specify the list of blocked items that should no longer be viewed or restored using Backup Exec.
  • Support for Windows Server 2019 – Refer to the Software Compatibility List for more details.
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 – Support for backups and restores of Exchange Server 2019 databases, and restore of individual items (GRT) with Exchange Server 2019 is available.
  • Retry Backup for Only Failed Resources - Backup Exec users can now retry a failed backup job for only those resources that failed during the last run.
  • Backup Virtual Machine Disks Selectively (VMware) – You can now choose which virtual disks to include or exclude when backing up VMware virtual machines.  Only applicable with VMware vSphere.
  • Support for Alibaba – Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is now supported by Backup Exec Cloud Connector.

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