Veritas Grid is now live!

The Grid - Generate Veritas leads

The Elastic Grid is a fully responsive, marketing platform that supports you in creating campaigns for all your Veritas customers. It's easy to use, it removes complexity and gets you the results you want and need. The key feature of the Grid is it's Campaign launcher. With this intuitively tool you can build, customize, and execute the marketing campaign of your choosing, to maximize your Veritas revenue.
For more info & Registration please visit The Veritas Grid website

A solution to your biggest challenges:

  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Quick-to-market campaigns
  • Improved partner adoption rates

Marketing that fits your company

One of the most important advantages is that the Grid is an entirely user-focused tool. It give you complete control of you campaigns, and contacts. And in the same time it offers suggestions on how to improve your campaign performance.


Easy to Find and Quick-to-Launch Campaigns

Your Grid Modules are listed in a clear layout highlighting the key features of each. The simplified search approach makes it easy to go through all the campaigns by solution, by type and by language. In the campaign detail screen you get an overview of the campaign process. Including the planned emails and micro-sites for each available module.

Run your own Campaigns

It's a piece of cake to launch your own personal campaigns. you can manage and schedule them with the step-by-step launch pad. It also allows you to choose who will receive the 'Lead Alerts'. The Grid sends you in real-time as recipients interact with campaigns, for sales team follow-up.


Manage and Nurture Relationships

All your contacts can be managed by group. You can see the direct and indirect leads and view the contacts in detail. So you can evaluate the maturity of your CRM, the campaign interactivity or other metrics you might be interested in.


Convinced of all the benefits The Grid has to offer?

Register now on The Grid website!

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