The threat of counterfeit supplies

Why should you care?

Counterfeit cartridges may seem like a true alternative. However, they entail serious risks and threats.


Fakes threaten:


Your printer

Counterfeit cartridges may cause damage to a the HP printer – which can lead to downtimes of the whole company’s printing infrastructure and disruption of entire workflows.


Your reputation

Manufacturing and distributing counterfeit items is illegal. So, buying fakes may bring you and your company into contact with shady business which may be operated by large-scale criminal syndicates.


Your workspace

Counterfeit toner cartridges may alter the printing behavior of your HP printer1. When using Original HP toner cartridges, only then can HP printing systems perform within Blue Angel guidelines limits.2


Our environment

Due to their often poor print quality and necessary re-prints, counterfeits are likely to waste valuable resources such as paper or energy. Also at the end of life, counterfeits likely don’t get recycled. So, make sure you sell Original HP cartridges!Buy them at Ingram Micro, official HP supplies distributer.


1  | 2017 UL Blue Angel Indoor Air Quality compliance study, commissioned by HP. The study tested three remanufactured toner cartridge brands sold as substitutes for HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551 with cartridges: CE400A, CE401A, C402A, CE403A. The tests were carried out in compliance with the methods described in Appendix S-M of the RAL-UZ 171 Blue Angel award criteria. For details,


2  | A printing system consists of HP printer, paper, and toner cartridge. Dec 2017 WKI Blue Angel Indoor Air Quality compliance study, commissioned by HP. The study tested 4 New Build Compatible toner cartridge brands sold as substitutes for HP LaserJet Pro MFP M425dn with cartridge 280A, in compliance with Blue Angel RAL-UZ-205. For details,


2018 NA InfoTrends Supplies Recycling study, commissioned by HP. Findings are based on average results of interviews with 7 remanufacturers, 2 NBC manufacturers, 3 empty collectors and 3 distributors. See


2019 NA Four Elements Consulting LCA study, commissioned by HP, compared Original HP 55A and 26A monochrome toner cartridges with a sample of imitation alternatives across eight environmental impact categories. See The LCA leverages a 2019 SpencerLab study, commissioned by HP, comparing Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges with two brands of imitation toner cartridges sold in NA. See

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