Win prizes on IM+, the Ingram Micro campaign platform

Discover our campaign platform IM+


This platform is multi-functional:


  • It gives you a clear overview of the incentive campaigns you are eligible for,
  • you can easily keep track of your progress and the points you have collected,
  • you can easily enroll for training sessions, and
  • you can spend your collected points on luxurious prizes in the IM+ gift catalog.


Are you the owner or CEO? It is important to register today! Why?


Several employees of your company can register for this platform, however, the first one to register will own the main account, which gives access to all features of the platform, but most importantly, only the main account can order prizes from the gift catalog.

Register once, which only takes two minutes.


Register Now!


All employees who register later will receive a subaccount. This account has very limited rights. The main account is notified when someone else registers. The main account can change the rights of the subaccounts, so they can also see running campaigns, this by going to “profile”, and clicking on “limit subaccounts.


If you notice that the main account is linked to the wrong person within your company, please inform  your Ingram Micro account manager, sales contact or our marketing team mailto: about this.

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