Buy a Eaton 5P or 5PX UPS and receive a gift card!

Dear Partner,

This February and March you will receive a gift card of 20€ with your favorite Eaton 5P and 40€ with your favorite 5PX UPS models at Ingram Micro. With the gift card you can choose your own gift.


Click here to view all applied models on the incentive in our webshop. Don’t forget to buy your Eaton 5P or 5PX during the incentive period from 1 February to 31 March 2020.




Buy one of the following 5P UPSs and you will receive a € 20 gift card.
If you buy the following 5PX UPSs you will receive a € 40 gift card.


Order Now

5P650I Eaton 5P 650i
5P850I Eaton 5P 850i
5P1150I Eaton 5P 1150i
5P1550I Eaton 5P 1550i
5P650IR Eaton 5P 650i Rack1U
5P850IR Eaton 5P 850i Rack1U
5P1150IR Eaton 5P 1150i Rack1U
5P1550IR Eaton 5P 1550i Rack1U
5PX1500IRT Eaton 5PX 1500i RT2U
5PX1500IRTN Eaton 5PX 1500i RT2U Netpack
5PX2200IRT Eaton 5PX 2200i RT2U
5PX2200IRTN Eaton 5PX 2200i RT2U Netpack
5PX3000IRT3U Eaton 5PX 3000i RT3U
5PX3000IRTN Eaton 5PX 3000i RT2U Netpack

Terms & Conditions

  • Incentive period: 1 February 2020 till 31 March 2020 based on the date of your order intake at Ingram Micro bvba
  • The promotion is only valid for resellers based in Belgium and Luxembourg who purchase at Ingram Micro bvba
  • Eaton gives away Gift cards as long as supplies last.
  • Maximum 1 gift card per reseller
  • Special bids aren’t applied on this promotion
  • Eaton reserves the right to amend or cancel this special launch offer without notice
  • Eaton reserves the right to audit all requests to ensure that the terms and conditions of the special launch offer have been met and to request additional information.
  • The decisions of Eaton in respect of any and all aspects of the special launch offer will be final and binding.
  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions; the making of a fraudulent claim will disentitle the reseller to the special launch offer.

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