Configuration Services

Before the order of your customer is ready to be delivered, there are often still a number of things that have to be added, built in or tested. The Configuration Services from Ingram Micro allow you to fully leave this work to us.


We ensure that orders are delivered, fully installed to the customer, regardless of the type of configuration. From imaging, asset tagging and server configuration, to simple - but time-consuming - commands such as the placing a sticker or adding promotional material. This allows your employees to make time so that they can fully focus on their core activities.


Value-Added Services

Hardware (workstations)

  • Asset tagging and labelling
  • Hardware installation (hard discs, memory)
  • Imaging
  • OS installations
  • (DOA) testing

Networking equipment

  • Staging of switches and routers
  • Server configuration
  • Server rack configuration
  • Etc.
Core Competencies
  • 2 Configuration Centers
  • ESD floor
  • Qualified and certified engineers
  • Extensive knowledge of server, storage products and workstations

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