Webinar Microsoft 365 – a boost for GDPR compliancy

Dear partner,


May 25th is almost there. Some customers still sleep, some are awake and some start to panic.


With Microsoft 365 you have a great solution to help customers become compliant and to help your business grow in a durable long-term way. In this webinar we highlight the Mobile Device and Application management solutions integrated in Microsoft 365 BUSINESS Edition. While demo-ing how to activate these features, we provide a story you can share with your customers to seduce them into adopting Microsoft 365.


Why make it difficult to generate business, if there is an easy way?



10:00 – 11:15 NL

11:30 – 12:45 FR



  • What is Microsoft 365? (5min)
  • How to get Microsoft 365 (5min)
  • The EMS part of Microsoft 365 Business Edition (5min)
  • An overview of the tenant and the admin interface (5min)
  • Setting up M365 Powered devices (Windows Autopilot) (5min)
  • Setting up Mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows) (5min)
  • Managing data from Office apps (5min)
  • Securing the devices (5min)
  • Wrap up (5min)



Hans Demeyer has been studying GDPR intensively and supports SMBs in getting as compliant as possible. Microsoft 365 is a tool he strongly advises to SMBs in this context. He shares his findings with partners and customers in presentations, webinars and online videos.

22 February 2018 @ 10:00h - 12:45h


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