RES is a user centric solution that delivers a digital workspace in a dynamic way. It is about automating, configuring and securing the workspace to empower your employees to focus on innovating projects that will drive your organization!


Pain points solved by RES

  • Increasing IT costs and sprawling Service Desk tickets
  • Decreasing productivity due to low user experience
  • Compliancy requirements in security and reporting
  • Multiplication of devices, apps and services in the enterprise
  • VDI (Virtual Desktop) projects lacking value?
  • High turnover of staff

4 top use cases

  1. Automated On-boarding and Off-boarding
  2. Desktop modernization
  3. Security and access control
  4. Service desk ticket reduction

Available Products

  • RES One Suite (Full version)
  • RES One Security
  • RES One Service Store
  • RES One Workspace Modules
  • RES One Automation
  • RES Virtual Desktop Extender


Res Website
Res Youtube Channel

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