WIN with Ingram Micro i-Grow: from growth to generosity

The end of this peculiar year 2020 is in sight, and Ingram Micro is ending it with GENEROSITY.


We are rewarding our partners with amazing presents, which you can give away to your loved ones, valued employees, to charity, or to yourself.


Shop for your Saint Nicolas, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine gifts from your couch in our gift shop, it’s our treat!

An iPhone 11, coffee machine, home cinema set, deluxe headset, perfume, toys, champagne, etc. Everything you could want to give away, or receive, as a present.

iPhone 11
coffee machine

How can you win?

If you aren’t yet, register for our IM+ platform


There you will see your monthly target. If you reach this, you have a chance to win hundreds of euro’s in IM+ points, which you will be able to exchange for gifts in the gift catalog*.


Ingram Micro will not only give away gifts to its partners, we will also donate €5 to the Belgian Food Banks Federation for each partner that reaches his target.

Did you know?

You don’t need to spend IM+ points on gifts, you can also help the charity of your choice!

You would not only help a good cause, it is also interesting for your company’s finances. Did you know that you can deduct 60% of your gifts over €40 from your taxes? More info


What are you waiting for? Check your target for September.


(*) Terms & Conditions

  • Order at Ingram Micro between the first and the last day of the calendar month, last invoice date is the last day of the calendar month in question. You will receive a new target for each month between the 1st of September 2020 and the 31st of December 2020. In your IM+ account you can only see the invoiced amounts, as only they count for the incentive.
  • Only the 30 first resellers to reach their month target, will receive the points they are eligible for, see your IM+ account. This a couple of days after the end of the month.
  • Only valid at Ingram Micro Belgium, for Belgian and Luxembourgish customers.
  • Your monthly target is based on you performance of last year with a growth of 15%, and with a minimum target, see your IM+ account for your details.
  • For September, the eligible vendors are Canon, Cisco, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Lenovo, Philips AOC, Norton, V7. More to join next month.
  • Ingram Micro reserves the right to audit all requests to ensure that the terms and conditions of this partner programme have been met and to request additional information.
  • Ingram Micro reserves the right to amend or cancel this campaign without notice.
  • The decisions of Ingram Micro in respect of any and all aspects of this campaign will be final and binding.
  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions; the making of a fraudulent claim will disentitle the reseller take part in the partner programme’s activities.
  • Gifts are subject to Belgian Tax Law. You company will be presented with a fiscal note 281.50 for the value of the gifts. This is not the case for donations, which you will be able to add to your tax return to receive a tax advantage. More information here.


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