Barracuda offers a large number of software solutions for email, data and network & application security. The long reach and high quality of Barracuda's network solutions protect your customer's threat vectors wherever they are. 

Office 365 Protection

Protect your customer's Office 365 environment with Barracuda Essentials for Office 365. Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 combines three innovative cloud solutions: Barracuda Email Security Service, Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service and Barracuda Cloud Backup. This cloud service is user-friendly and easy to use and manage.

Email security

Most cyber attacks reside in direct mail. These emails can cause significant financial damage and data loss. Barracuda offers your customer protection for all aspects of their email infrastructure. The user, data and name of your customer are safe.

Data security

Even with the best security, there can be problems that can cause data loss. Barracuda therefore offers your customer cloud-based data protection. This makes recovery quick and easy

Network & Application security

Organizations that use the cloud face new challenges. The traditional security structures are not enough. With Barracuda you can secure your customer's networks and applications so that your customer can safely use the cloud

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides comprehensive, cost-effective, scalable protection for your Office 365 data. The system automatically backs up all your data and stores it in the Barracuda Cloud Storage. Cloud-to-Cloud Backup can restore your data in just a few clicks.

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