On the company

As a global leader in IT technology, Ingram Micro continuously faces a changing market. Technology is playing an increasingly larger role.

Trends such as Virtual Reality, Drones, Cloud and 3D printing have a huge impact on the market but also on daily life. Ingram Micro is convinced that technology plays an increasingly important role in daily life. The vision therefore focuses on realizing the promise of technology. This promise is fulfilled together with the suppliers and resellers. Ingram Micro makes it possible, through innovation and technological progress, to give its resellers the best possible advice on the latest developments and trends. As a business partner, Ingram Micro has taken an indispensable place and is the most valued link between its suppliers and customers, resulting in a measurable contribution to growth and profitability. Ingram Micro has about 80% of all daily IT products, such as your smartphone, tablet and storage in the Cloud.