Ingram Micro Cloud Your way

Ingram Micro, Microsoft Distributor Partner of Year, offers a multitude of ways to transact Cloud services, empowering reseller partners with the opportunity to choose the cloud business model right for them.

Are you a reseller partner that:

  • Is a Microsoft Advisor partner
  • Is looking for a way to transact and monetize in place of declining Microsoft Advisor program profitability
  • Is looking for support of the billing and invoicing of customers for Office 365

Cloud Referral Program

The Cloud Referral Program is for organizations that want to sell Cloud Services while avoiding one or more of the requirements found in the traditional resale model. With Microsoft eliminating the Advisor Sell incentives for Office 365 (effective October 1), this program provides partners with a similar program even more profitable than the expiring advisor model.


Features & Benefits

  • Complete billing support: We handle billing and invoicing to eliminate the headaches and risks associated with the accounting process.
  • Flexible end-user support options: Your choice: we can manage end-client customer support calls or, if you’d like, you can take first call.
  • Simplified commissions and reporting: Earn monthly commissions based on invoiced monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Earn commissions on every purchase to increase monthly and yearly profit.
  • Easy Cloud Referral partner portal: Download custom-coded banners and links to track orders and easily determine your commissions payout.
  • Increased Profit: Earn Microsoft incentive rebates plus Ingram Micro commissions. Between those two sources, partners who adopt our Referral Program will realize up to 15% of invoiced amount on all Microsoft services!

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Are you a reseller partner that seeks to:

  • Own the complete customer lifecycle through direct billing, provisioning and management
  • Create a customizable customer offer by setting their own pricing
  • Provide value-driven support
  • Realize top-line recurring revenue

Cloud Service Provider

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program allows partners to sell Microsoft Cloud solutions, including Office 365, and integrate their own cloud offerings and services.


Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility: Purchase and provision monthly subscriptions on demand. Bundle a range of leading products and services with Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) offerings.
  • Scalability: The automated Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace combined with CSP allows you to increase customer seats from 10 to 100+, quickly and easily.
  • Solution breadth: In addition to reselling Microsoft CSP services, you can choose to resell services from ~20 available service providers including Dropbox, Acronis, and Trend Micro.
  • Simplicity: Ingram Micro offers migration, provisioning, configuration, management, billing and more, all from a single pane of glass. Microsoft CSP on the Ingram Micro Marketplace simplifies success in the cloud. Partners who engage in CSP earn higher margins (9.1%) and enjoy the benefits of a recurring revenue model.

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