The Business Club

The PHILIPS & AOC monitors from TPV group offer the widest range of monitors on the market. Now like market leader in Belgium and Europe * , Philips and AOC can propose the best offer to the market. The combination of the two brands allows us to combine the experience and expertise of PHILIPS with the dynamism of AOC.


What we Offer

PHILIPS & AOC Business Club offers many advantages:

  • Exclusive promotions on a selection of PHILIPS & AOC monitors.
  • On request, personalized offers for your projects.
  • Privileges, like direct contact with PHILIPS & AOC monitors reserved for members.
  • The possibility of free samples for your projects.
  • Optionally we can also offer extended warranties.
  • At the end we will propose an exclusive campaign where many prizes will be given at our Business Club Event!


Uncompromising value.

Value through superior quality, intuitive usability, and long-term performance.

Close to market demand and customer expectations.


The monitors are made for ease of use, affordable pricing, and are fully supported.

AOC has been specializing in display technology since the company was founded over half a century ago. AOC provides you with a great display experience, whatever your specific needs are.
Philips monitors transforms the latest advances in display technology into high-performance functionality for your home or office. Innovations like ultrahigh resolutions, extra-wide formats and extreme color accuracy improve your viewing experience while boosting your productivity.