Why PHILIPS & AOC Business Club Members

Our members are at the heart of the AOC & PHILIPS Business Club: Ingram Micro have a proven track record of trusted partnerships and consistent partner investment. AOC & PHILIPS propose the largest choice of monitors solutions and the Business Club support your business model and provide you with what you need to succeed.


Accelerate your growth by using our market expertise and our larges choice of monitors.


Increase profits and reach new markets as an AOC & PHILIPS Business Club Member with our exclusive promotions.


Create new value opportunities with new and unique Monitors solutions like the PHILIPS USB-C docking monitor range.


How the PHILIPS & AOC Business Club Works

You just need to register and you will have access to exclusive promotions, informative newsletters and more information about the AOC & PHILIPS Business Club Campaign.


Developed for the wellbeing of your eyes

AOC & PHILIPS monitor are designed to protect your eyes while still delivering high quality images. Anti-Blue Light technology blocks over 90% of harmful shortwave blue light, while Flicker Free technology uses a smooth DC (direct current) backlight system to eliminate stressful screen flicker. Clear Vision convers Standard Definition sources to High Definition for sharper, more vivid images. Enjoy clear and crisp images while protecting your eyes.