Transform your Business with Ingram Micro Cloud

It's no secret that the business world is changing rapidly. Sometimes it can seem like it's changing faster than we can keep up. This pace is only going to continue to increase. New companies and even new industries will appear every day and to stay competitive, you'll need to create inventive customer experience that bring you closer to your customers.


It's not just about selling anymore. Customers are increasingly searching for a connection with businesses where they spend their money. Traditional commerce IS NOT setup to facilitate these kinds of relationship, but that's exactly where the digital economy shines…. The Emergence and evolution of Digital transformation is fueling this economic atmosphere and cloud is lowering the barrier of entry for a new business and enabling existing business to transform.


Adopting the cloud doesn't need to be complicated!

Ingram Micro's "Ecosystem of Cloud" is engineered to simplify your digital transformation, offering the most comprehensive platforms for all types of partners, from telco service providers to resellers and enterprises.


Ingram Micro's "Ecosystem of Cloud" offering makes it easy for you to pick the right platform to deliver cloud and digital services your way. Take a look at our solutions below and check witch platform best suits your business needs.



Cloud Marketplace
A one-stop shop
to easily sell cloud-based solutions


Cloud Store
A self-branded cloud store
with leading cloud solutions


ODIN Automation Essentials
A unified cloud automation platform
for self-hosted cloud solutions


An end-to-end platform
with endless possibilities


ODIN Automation Premium
A self-hosted
customizable platform
that is engineered to fit

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