Counterfeits threaten your business

Illegal counterfeit cartridges pose serious risks to your business. These risks range from loss of time and money due to workflow interruptions to printer damage and invalidation of hardware warranties. Buying counterfeits also results in unwitting dealings with criminal organisations. Download our ACF Buying Guide and learn how to avoid counterfeits when purchasing supplies.

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Protect your business from risky fakes

With free Customer Delivery Inspections (CDIs), HP offers you a unique protection service to avoid counterfeit cartridges.

For large and mid-sized deliveries you can request these on-site inspections if you suspect that you might have received counterfeit cartridges or notice dubious tender bids. Learn how this free service works in our handy CDI User Guide.

Download the CDI User Guide

Request your CDI in three easy steps

  1. Carefully read the CDI User Guide.
  2. Complete and submit the short CDI Request Form.
  3. If your request is accepted, an ACF expert will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the inspection.

Download the CDI Request Form

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