Memory is an important component of your computer, and selecting and managing it properly is vital to keeping your system running at peak efficiency. If your computer is an older model, or if it lags or freezes you may not have enough memory.

Kingston system-specific desktop and notebook memory

Kingston Technology offers extremely reliable, high-performance desktop and notebook memory. This can not only improve your system's performance but also extend its lifespan. Upgrading and installing is easy, too, because Kingston memory modules are designed to meet the exact specifications of your specific system.


Kingston system-specific memory delivers a great cost-performance benefit with better multitasking, smooth video streaming and great processing power.


  • All System-Specific memory is 100% tested. 
  • Memory designed for your specific system. 
  • Full environmental stress, compatibility and reliability testing.


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Superior quality
Guaranteed compatibility
Lifetime warranty

Superior quality and testing 
Kingston's advanced testing facilities and multi-tiered testing system ensures quality control throughout the design and manufacturing process. All components are qualified and all modules are tested at all stages of production.

Guaranteed compatibility 
To ensure your peace of mind, Kingston memory is guaranteed to be compatible with the system for which it’s designed. Please make sure to always check the system and memory compatibility with Kingston.

Lifetime warranty and free technical support 
All Kingston memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and legendary Kingston reliability. Kingston also provides free technical support to help with any questions or issues you may have.

Kingston is involved in the DRAM process from the dicing of the wafer to encasing the integrated circuits and from assembling the module to testing the finished product.

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