Do you like smart technology? Then you have probably heard of Xiaomi. Xiaomi is becoming more and more famous and popular, mainly because of their high-end affordable smartphones. Fortunately, this brand has a lot more to offer!

This fast-growing company provides access to the most innovative and high-quality technology for everyone. By now, Xiaomi has around 16,000+ patents in their ecosystem portfolio. They make a multitude of products that can be connected to the internet; think connected security cams, wearables, air purifiers and many more Internet of Things connected devices.

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Xiaomi offers a unique experience for everyone

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With the high-end smartphones, it all started for Xiaomi. The founder, Lei Jun, believed that high-quality products with the latest technology should be accessible to everyone. Today, Xiaomi stands for strong price, quality and no-nonsense smartphones. There is a high quality smartphone for everyone. Xiaomi will be the number 3 smartphone manufacturer in the world by 2020 for a reason.


E-mobility is a strong pillar in Xiaomi's business model. The new generation is looking for alternative means of transport to cruise through the urban jungle or to commute. By offering products like the electric scooters, Xiaomi is not only contributing to innovation but also to a more sustainable environment. These electric products produce much less pollution, but are still very fast, comfortable and practical.


Xiaomi has not only developed as a smartphone manufacturer in recent years, but is also working hard in the field of consumer electronics. Xiaomi wants to introduce you to its versatile Eco portfolio. Think here of Smart bands, security cameras, air purifiers, wireless hoovers and TVs, among others. Xiaomi brings technological solutions that can be controlled with one button on your smartphone, making your home smartly connected.

MI 11

The AMOLED screen, the Harmon Kardon sound and the feeling: so many reasons to fall in love.

The MI 11 with Snapdragon 888-processor has professional filters to take creations to a cinematic level!

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Are you already familiar with this exceptionally fast and comfortable scooter with an electric motor on board?

This powerful scooter takes you effortlessly to your destination.

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Is the air in your home or office really clean? With the Air Purifier 3H you breath clean, odor-free and allergen-free air.

The Purifier Pro is suitable for small and big spaces.

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MI 10T

The Mi 10T Series consists of the Mi 10T, as well as the Mi 10T Lite and Mi 10T Pro. This series has an exceptionally high refresh rate of 120Hz, takes the most beautiful photos with an excellent all-round camera and charges in just 59 minutes. This series is powerful in every aspect.

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The Xiaomi QiCycle Folding Bike is the ideal means of transport for work, school or other appointments. 

It is easy to fold into a convenient portable size.

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Turn any television into a Smart TV in an instant. Thanks to Xiaomi, cables are a thing of the past!

Enjoy a well-deserved movie night with the MI TV stick.

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Redmi Note 9 Pro's ultra-high-resolution cameras and AI optimizations ensure that you are prepared to capture fleeting moments at all times. Fall in love with taking pictures.

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Always a well-inflated tire or ball without problems thanks to the MI Air Pump.

This pump can be used for motorcycle, scooter, bicycle and even car tires.

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