Loyalty Program for Registered Partners is the brand new Dell partner programme which will reward partners for selling products, services, software and peripherals though distribution.

What are the benefits for your company?
The leading Dell Client and Enterprise solutions insure that you will always meet your customers’ wishes and demands. Loyalty Program for Registered Partners provides you with extra business advantages.


How will you be rewarded?

When you buy our products, services, software and peripherals via distribution, you receive points which you can exchange in your own reward catalog containing e-vouchers and marketing material. Make sure you are aware of the eligible products by visiting the Partner Incentives website www.dellpartnerincentives.com

You need to meet specific threshold to be able to collect points. For more information please visit the programme website. You will receive rewards for selling products, services, software and peripherals, and for completing the training “Why Dell” which will give your company even more benefits.
Subscribe immediately
In order to receive the rewards, you need to enroll for the programme and accept the ‘Loyalty Program for Registered Partners’ terms and conditions

Follow the following instructions to enroll:
  1.  Visit www.dellpartnerincentives.com
  2.  Chose "Not registered yet?"
  3.  Complete the registration form
  4.  I agree with the general conditions for the Loyalty Program for Registered Partners

General managers will be given the opportunity to inform Dell of the fact that certain sales team members need access to the website, without the possibility to receive points. When you give your team members access to the programme, they need to go through the above procedure to gain access. And you will be given the possibility to nominate your team members to receive points instead of you, if you wish. All information can be found on the programme website.
If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate contact us via questions@dellpartnerincentives.co.uk

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